Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Mastering the German Language

I went to Joseph-Beth booksellers in Lexington and bought "Drive Time German", a set of four hour-long CD's that claims to be "A complete course in German from the language experts." I figured with a seventeen hour drive ahead of me I could use each CD four times. Except by the third CD it was starting to move really fast and the phrases had gotten quite long.

Nonetheless, thanks to my facility in languages (I've almost mastered English), I was able to learn many interesting and useful phrases in German, such as "My name is Eugene Werkner" and "That is no large car; it is a small car." and "Do you see a brown dog or a small blue building?"

I also learned how to order asparagus and ham in a restaurant. Thank heavens the CD taught me how ask for beer. That way if there's no asparagus and ham on the menu at least I'll be able to get drunk.

By the third CD I was mastering such important phrases as "blienegnjgltkdnvgojkansddojn" and "jaoskdfvnoaksdnva." I can't tell you how much better equipped I feel for this European adventure! And to think that this wonderful language program was just $24.95. I recommend it highly.