Sunday, June 29, 2008


I'm writing this blog at the suggestion of some co-participants in the advanced Orff classes at the University of Kentucky, June16-27, 2008. On July 4 I'm boarding a plane for Austria and from the 5th to the 13th I'll be attending the international course that is taught in English at the Orff Institut in Salzburg.

I asked around at UKY and didn't find anybody at UKY who had attended the international course at the Orff Institut. Erik Nielson, who spent the year there back when Herman Regner was putting together the American volumes doubted any of the folks from his time would still be there. All this means I am going on an adventure and don't quite know what to expect. Add to this the fact that I'm not much of a traveler....

Presuming that I can find Internet access in Salzburg, I intend to post to this blog daily, or as often as I can so that folks find out what goes on at the Institut. I also hope to provide pictures. Perusing Google Earth, I couldn't find any of either the Institut or Schloss Frohnberg, the residence hall which was used in the exterior shots of the captain's house in the Sound of Music.

Should I put on a straw hat and skip down Helbrunner Alee with my suitcase singing "I Have Confidence"? The locals would probably want to wring my neck....

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Cecilia said...

Hello, Steve,

It was good to have you in Kentucky two summers in a row. You are truly multi-talented. I wish you a wonderful time in Austria.I love the 7-layer Mozart chocolate there.

Cecilia Wang