Sunday, July 6, 2008

I Go to the Supermarket

I took the bus back to Schloss Frohnburg and couldn’t help myself, I fell on the bed and napped for a couple of hours. I dragged myself out of bed and went to the supermarket that is about a three minute walk down the Frohnburgweg. There is a lovely park with excellent playground equipment and many happy families using it.

So I got there and scoped it out – whoa it’s really different! It’s like I’m in a foreign country or something (oops I am in a foreign country aren’t I?) It is really hard to shop, because the products are so unfamiliar, and I have to surmise the contents with my bad German. On top of this I have to figure out how to feed myself for a week without a kitchen or utensils. They don’t seem to sell disposable products like paper cups (or any cups) in an Austrian supermarket – you even have to buy your own bag. I ended up buying a measuring cup to drink out of. So dinner was fruit, muesli, and yogurt.

Incidentally, in the final analysis I bought some weird stuff. I've got to get better at this!

After dinner I went out and walked the Hellbruner Alee down to Schloss Hellbrun, the summer day palace of the prince-archbishops of Salzburg. There and back was probably another four or five miles. I didn’t tour the Schloss, but I took in the gazebo from the “Sound of Music”.
This was a totally different walk than my downtown walk. The Alt Stadt is remarkable for its lack of greenery. Hellbrunner Alee is GREEN and the fields smell good. People of all ages bike walk and run the Alee (hey, Maria danced and sang it.) In both cases the buildings tend to be yellow stucco with red tile roofs. This style tends to be a lot less harsh in the greenery.

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